Facebook Tracker

Info! This feature is currently not available due to security update by Facebook

Do you require Facebook Tracker for your target device’s Messenger conversations? Get this service from SpyHuman with the Premium Account!

What Can You Monitor?

With the SpyHuman app, you can monitor the following Facebook messenger data:

Messages received and sent from the target device.

Message body.

Time and Date stamps.

Contact details.

How It Works?

Once installed on the target device, our application will copy data from the device’s messenger logs and upload to your online user interface. You can monitor the logs from the account.

Why Should You Use SpyHuman’s Facebook Tracker Feature?

  • As a parent

    As a parent, you will be able to monitor the Contact book data of your child. This will help you keep a check on whom your child gets in contact with.

  • As an Employer

    As an employer, you will be able to monitor your employee’s Contact book data. This will help you keep a check on whom your employee is contacting.

  • No Root

    You will not be required to root your Android phone to use this feature. Therefore, your phone warranty will stay intact.

Install Facebook Tracker Now

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Register FREE Account

Register a free Facebook Tracking account using your Email and Password on our website.

Install App and Setup

Download and install free Facebook tracker app and provide the necessary permission.

Start Tracking Remotely

Login to your admin panel and start monitoring over calls, SMS, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.